David H. Johnson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Millersville University School of Social Work
Millersville, PA
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"The best dissertation is a done dissertation." __ Anonymous


Friends and Fun

Pictures of friends and fun we have had together:

  (Left to Right): Best friend Chip Maxey,   Colt Bowling and me at Barnaby's in   Houston. Chip, Joyous and I had gone   there for the first evening of my 50th   birthday weekend. Colt showed up to pick   up dinner and Chip ran into him bringing   him to the table.







Chip and Joyous Bethel outside Barnaby's  in Houston. Dr. Bethel was my supervisor  
during my masters' program at Southern Miss, and became like the sister I never had. Joyous flew in and met us there to help celebrate my 50th birthday!





  Joyous wearing a paper toque at Brennan's in Houston. They   brought the toque for the birthday boy, but we all wore it at one point   or another (as you will see below). At the end of the evening, I   managed to fill it with the delicious pecan pralines at the front desk at   Brennan's. They should know better than to give a container like that   to me and put a big plate of pralines out at the entrance!





My good friend Tom Stovall, who works with Chip,  
wearing the paper toque at Brennan's in Houston.  







  Joyous at Starbucks in the USM Library. Taken a   day or two before I left Hattiesburg to move to   Austin.





Thomas Rush, my friend from Yazoo City, MS  
hugging up to the lord and master of the Johnson   household shortly after we moved to Austin.  





My mother with her 6-year-old Sunday School Class. She has been teaching this class for 46 years.